Tangora Trio is a music group from the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Jeanne Gollut plays the pan flutes, Thierry Raboud the guitar and Raphaël Ansermot the piano.

Their repertoire is designed to be festive, colourful and wide. It mainly consists of jazz standards and folkloric works from different continents. The musicians arrange in their own way folkloric melodies from South America (Argentinians tangos, Brazilian choro compositions), from the Balkans (Hungarian, Romanian or Russian popular tunes), klezmer music and various jazz standards. The sonorities of the pan flutes, the guitar and the piano fit perfectly together. The three artists serve the music with great talent.

Tangora Trio was created in 2008. The concerts’ success and the audience’s enthusiasm have led the musicians to record their first album in August 2010. Called Tangora Trio: All Inclusive, it was released on the 19 December 2010 and was a complete success. After a couple of years of intensive work on a new repertoire, the trio released its second record, First Class, in April 2013. This album too will have a bright future for sure!


Jeanne Gollut,
Raphaël Ansermot,
Thierry Raboud,